Tuesday, November 28, 2006

T'is That Time of Year Once Again

Gifts for me! me! me!

Some ideas:

Since he’s the reason for the season.

What's a holiday without grill bling I ask you?

To keep that snow glare from hurtin' the peeps.

A girl's gots to keep warm!

A place to rest the nog.

And, finally, a feast for the eyes.

Me loves gifts!

Monday, November 27, 2006

What I Did Over Thanksgiving Vacation, by Aerenchyma*

Brined the turkey, resulting in a deliciously moist bird.

Finger painted, water color painted and paint-brush painted, very distinct activies per Ubs.

Played with play-doh.


Decorated cookies with Ubs.

Helped MIL move to her condo.



Watched Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang with SK and Kevin - a very good film indeed.

Read the Inky front to back, twice.

Ate two eggs over medium with grits, two of the four mornings.**

Cuddled Goo.

Cuddled SK.

Tried to cuddle Ubs.***

Became rounder. Month 6, looking like month 8.


Fell in love with my home and life again.

*Topic lifted directly from Duf's blog.
**My new favorite meal.
*** The child has become the speed of light. I get quick cuddles in when I can.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have no idea whether he did it,

But this man has children of whoms mother has been murdered. What the hell is wrong with him???

Oh, and what the hell is this?? Could we please spend a freaking moment or two implementing meaningful laws rather than this crap? Just a moment or two is all I ask.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Unions and Women's Rights

Went to Noon at World Café Live to see Arlo Guthrie with my team at work today. It was really great. Two of his children played along-side and he told stories about his father. It was really, really sweet.

When his daughter, Sarah Lee, sang a song written by Woody about unions and women's rights (a real foot-stompper), I teared-up thinking about how beautiful it is when people gather and, by that very simple act, empower each other and themselves.

I guess some pregnant ladies cry over hallmark commercials and others cry when they hear songs about collective bargaining and civil liberties.

To each her own.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election Results

It is with sad fanfare that I acknowledge and appreciate, on a very quiet level, the results of this mid-term election. I even considered refraining from blogging but my friend Sarcasmo insisted. And so I give to you my thoughts.

The republicans lost. That made me very happy.
The democrats won. That made me slightly happy.
I voted anti-choice on Tuesday. That made me sad.

I am mourning my party. I do not pretend that they have not abandoned me. I do not think that they have not sacrificed me. I will not forgive them for making me vote contrary to my bodily integrity and personal worth.

All of this is not to say, however, that I will not move forward and that I do not have high expectations that I believe may very well be fulfilled by Nancy Pelosi.

Tomorrow is another day and by then I may consider myself a democrat once again.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Voted Early!

Couldn't risk getting hit by a bus sometime during the day and dying having not voted. Pretty sure, in this political environment, should that have happened, my pops would have seriously considered skipping the funeral.

Kidding, I kid!--About the pops, not the fear of dying before voting.

Please Forgive the Delay - I Give to You, Ubs

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Mighty Firefighter

Ubs decided to be a firefighter for Halloween last night and was qqqqqqquuuuueeewwwwttt!, I don't mind saying. Of course, I considered casting my child in the part of "hero" as not all together wise. I have no interest in him serving his community in any dangerous capacity whatsoever. I wish not to have a police officer son, or firefighter/serviceman/EMT/crossing guard etc...

Even so, my hesitancy could not compete with what I believe to the most central delight to becoming a firefighter; the red hat. He was dazzled with it and his firefighter's jacket, not to mention the ax that his father crafted from cardboard for breakin' down doors.

Ubs was not, however dazzled with all the freaking nutty nut jobs that insist on walking around with masks sporting needles jutting from the "flesh" or blood dripping eyeballs dangling from empty sockets. What is wrong with people??? Ubs went so far as to say repeatedly "This is scary for Ubs"...to which we returned home to the booty we'd amassed and playdough. Still and yet, not an entire wash. Playdough can always save the day.

I'll post a photo of the lil' firefighter soon...