Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dump Truck Slept Through My Entire Haircut

The kid rocks.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Mad Hatter of Writers Has Left Us

I'm thankful for his work.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Georgia On My Mind - Among Other Things

The "Other Things" are:

  • I'm not behind Nutter for the mayoral democratic nomination. -Thought I was, I'm not. Reason: Don't insult me by running against the democratic incumbent that I voted for and that, oddly enough, isn't running himself. Hello?
  • I'm not sold on any other candidate, though I will say that I am not feeling Knox either. I don't like his, "I'm rich and paying for my run with my own dough. Hence, I'm not beholden to any private interests. Blather blather tra la la."
  • I'm not feeling Hilary for president. If I'm not behind Hil, I wonder who might be; non-feminist, non-liberal, non-pro-choice folks?
  • I like Barack but am not as hot on him as I have been...maybe just because I've been busy and not so much able to keep my attention focused on his beautifulness.
  • I'm tired of the little guys (okay medium sized guys) getting jacked. Just once, instead of the Albertos, Colins, and Porters, I'd like to see George and Dick get it. Ha! As if I'm alone.
  • I'm thinking 3 hour catnaps for 5 days running consecutively might make a person go nuts.
  • I'm pretty sure Gouda has the worst haircut he's ever had. He looks like a freakin Cairn Terrier. Total ass clown cut. My neighbor even said, "Gouda looks prissy." Ouch! He's a boy!
  • I haven't knit since I gave birth. This displeases me.
  • I've been reading the same book since before I gave birth. It is 350 pages in length. I am on page 250. This makes me unhappy as I am WAY behind on my 2007 reading list. WAY.
  • I don't recall the last time my sheets were washed. Gack! I need to do that.
  • I also need to find the cord to my stairmaster - though I will say that I am currently out of my maternity clothes and into my fat-girl wardrobe. Awesome.