Monday, March 31, 2008

Hazel's Sweater

The only thing that would make it cuter is if Hazel were in it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Look, I do NOT have a problem.

It does not necessarily follow, as my friend SK suggests, that I offered to bathe my eldest child simply so I could sit on the toilet and knit. It doesn't necessarily follow, but it is the case. PLUS I just got onto Ravelry. Dudes, I've been waiting for this for MONTHS!!! Photos of the sweater I made Hazel pending.

What else? Well, I just applied for a director level position at work. What a freakin' HOOT I am! I mean why not, right?? Me wants more money and more money and more money because money is tasty and sweet and makes everything better. YUM!

Back to knitting, I'm going to the Philadelphia Book Festival at the Main Library to see THE YARN HARLOT!!!! Yep, and I'm going with VisMajor, one of the most simply delightful people in my entire circle of delightful people.

Other news, my beautiful friend Mim just brought a new little person into the world. Mazel tov! AND my other beautiful friend, Mathild, is due next week and she is AMAZING with her gorgeous, fantastic self.

Did I mention that I ordered some yarn for a sweater for ME and more yarn for a sweater for Eli and the patterns are in this book that I also bought?? And did I tell you that I'm nearly done knitting the fish blanket though I haven't an idea how I'm going to get my friend Mathild to join the cursed fish together, what with the incredible degree of knocked-up-ness in which she currently finds herself. There are only 64 fish. She could get that done before labor. Sheesh with the laziness.

Okay, I've gotta run. I need to start taking pictures of my stash and projects so that I can post on the BEST KNITTING SITE OF ALL TIME.

Friday, March 21, 2008


This freakin' year is FLYIN' by! Bumble is 1 and Bubber is 4...zoinks. SK is OLD, and I need more naps. Other than that, reading, knitting, hugging, picking up, trying to exercise and grab a shower, working, losing no roundness and feeling thankful for my blessings.

Cognitive Leap.

So what to make of the serpentine web woven by the DNC? I'll make no attempt to compile facts can certainly do your own homework. I will, however, post those opinions I've been able to cobble-together in the moments between raising my family and trying to feed my soul.

1. The Republicans in Michigan and Florida are not responsible for the disenfranchisement of Democratic voters.
2. Failing to count the votes cast by folks in those states is, indeed, disenfranchisement.
3. The DNC was short-sighted and down-right negligent getting us into this mess and I consider the decision-makers bastards (I warned you people about Howard Dean YEARS AGO - You can't trust a man that is pro-capital punishment. Can. Not.).
4. The super delegate deal is lame.
5. I am tempted to vote for Barack because of this bull-shit Reverend Wright crap. Hello, Barack, like Bill Clinton, affiliated himself with Wright because of power. Politics runs on power. Where is power centralized in the black community? In churches. Who is the most powerful church leader in the Chicago area? Youuuuu guessed it. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing wrong with listening to someone else speak. A retort is not a moral imperative. Sure, it might have been nice if he would have spoken against some of Wright's more whack-a-do statements, but it does not follow that he is whack-a-do himself simply because he did not.
6. Barack saying that his grandmother's particular breed of racism is "typical of white Americans", isn't an outrageous statement. In fact (okay there is one fact I will assert here), typical white Americans do, indeed, possess his grandmother's particular breed of racism. If you're white and this infuriates, take a moment and truly ponder. I was faced with the truth of this in college when I took a class on race in America and opened up my soul to the possibility that I may have, without my consent, internalized some all-be-it slight degree of racism and, would you believe it?-I did and do see that I too must check myself and be aware of the racism that I breathed in as a child and continue to everyday simply because I live in this world, in the space in time.
7. I'm still voting for Hil.