Friday, May 30, 2008


Elijah... HUGE and hilarious.

Abe... so in love with reading and lazy that I busted him reading my knitting book because, "it was next to my yellow chair."

Darryl... getting fat. The proof, spoken by the man himself:
1. "My ass is trying to crawl out of my pants."
2. "I've decided to call these jeans my nut crackers. not very bright. The proof:
SK: "I'm a 36. What am I'm going to do??"
A: "You could lose some weight or buy 38s."
SK: Completely dumbfounded, "What??????"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Post That Never Was

They day after my previous post, I wrote this post in my head:

Title: In Regards To Yesterday's Post or The Nature of Marriage
Text: I take all that nice shit back.

I knew it would have been too mean to write (especially after Mim commented so sweetly), even though the truth of the sentiment echoed through every cell of my body. I also knew that the sentiment would leave after a bit but, man howdy, that truth (the coming and going of love and hate) really is the nature of marriage. At least mine. I will, however, say that if we wish to temper those tendencies, all I need to do is make sure I have time with SK. Not nearly as easy as it sounds.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Benefits of Aging with a Friend

My friend SK and I have been together going on 11 years. I know, nutty.

On Monday morning I waved my father off in a cab and went about my day, becoming more and more deflated as the day progressed. Monday night I went to my knitting class and, after arriving home, ignored my family and knit for the rest of the evening.

On Tuesday I gathered my children up with few kisses, hugs and laughs and schlepped them to school, schlepped myself to the train and work all the while being spit on by the sky. I walked through the day arriving home to my bed at 5:45. Stayed there until Wednesday.

Wednesday was a mirror image of Tuesday with the exception of watching tv instead of going directly to bed.

Thursday I woke up feeling as though the darkness was subsiding. I picked up the phone when arriving at my desk and told my friend SK that I could breathe, that I didn't feel like going directly to bed, that the rain that continued was no longer mocking me. He replied, "I'm so glad hon. I know it's hard to say goodbye after visiting your family." What the...? Wait, this was about that? "You always get like this." My very best friend knows me the best of all.

Through this entire week of feeling like crap my sweet friend hugged, kissed, fed and played with the children so that I could wallow. He tucked me in and took the kids out to dinner so that I could sleep without guilt and without noise. He looked at me with his warm brown eyes and rubbed my leg when passing by the lump on the couch. Not only does he know me the best, he loves me the best. Tis a benefit of aging with a friend, no?

Libby is blessed.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Story of the Day from Story People

I subscribe to the story of the day and this one, as it turns out, is about me!


When I was younger I used to keep all the stuff I had in my pockets. There were a lot of rocks & little shiny things. As I got older it got to be too much to carry & I couldn't remember why I kept it anyway so I finally got rid of it. Now, I make lists


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Friday, May 02, 2008

To be a queen

Coworker: Hey!

Me: hey

Coworker: "Blah, blah, blah (overworked/currently working libby not so much paying attention) blah, blah like some people like to weild power. Like you. You're not so much a princess as a queen."

Me: pondering, should I punch her from my powerless thrown or nod agreeably as she may be the official boss oh' libby in the coming weeks? "Yeah, I say. I'm a queen," nodding.