Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've determined...

...that the trouble with dieting for me is that I get hungry. Being the problem-solver that I am, I eat. This seems to fly in the face of conventional dieting strategies.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So Freakin' Nice

The boys slept over at their nana's house last night and, wow! I always refer to my friend Darryl as "my friend Darryl" but zoinks, he really is such a delight. Who knew? Of course I did, but it's nice to actually sit across a table from him, gaze into his fantastic eyes and giggle at his dorky jokes and silly self. An amazing weekend. Go me with my lucky self!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Feminist Mutha Meme

ahem, I mean Feminist Mother meme lifted from here.

  1. How would you describe your feminism in one sentence? My feminism is justice-centered, happy and smart. When did you become a feminist? I was born one but came into my own in college. Was it before or after you became a mother? Before, by a long shot.
  2. What has surprised you most about motherhood? The exhaustion.
  3. How has your feminism changed over time? I think I've become softer…more "heartful" than cerebral about injustice. Injustice causes physical reactions where, when younger, only intellectual frustrations manifested. What is the impact of motherhood on your feminism? I believe my heart became exposed when I had children. I became open to pain and love in a very different way. I experienced a lack of control with both that I never knew existed…I believe this was a direct cause of the heartful-ness that I mentioned.
  4. What makes your mothering feminist? My humor and knowing that my children are whole, large, grand, amazing people. Feminists realize that whatever the package, male or female, old or young, abled or disabled, black or white, we are all whole, large, grand and amazing people. How does your approach differ from a non-feminist mother’s? You know, I don't know. I honestly don't know any non-feminist moms. How cool is that?? How does feminism impact upon your parenting? I take kindness and justice very seriously in our household. I also am very aware of how the world would like to impact my sons and make every effort to ensure that they hear a feminist voice as the backdrop to their adulthood through having heard their mother's throughout their childhood.
  5. Do you ever feel compromised as a feminist mother? Every day. I am furious that we have made little to no headway in creating systems of support for working mothers and fathers and their children. It's fascinating and dumbfounding to me that I still must scramble to take my children to a doctor's appointment or to attend a school event. Madness. Do you ever feel you’ve failed as a feminist mother? Not yet, but my boys are only 1 and 4.
  6. Has identifying as a feminist mother ever been difficult? I only get strength from it. Why?
  7. Motherhood involves sacrifice, how do you reconcile that with being a feminist? I do not sacrifice much. I make sure that my needs are met whenever I get the opportunity. I maintain friendships with powerful women, meet with them often, take downtime for reading and knitting and I do all of that for my sons as well as for me. I do not want them to believe that the women in their lives should sacrifice to be loved by them.
  8. Do you feel feminism has failed mothers and if so how? Feminism hasn't failed…society has. See answer 5 for more. Personally, what do you think feminism has given mothers? Choices.

Friday, April 04, 2008


All of the wonderful fish are knit however, I repeat, I have no earthly idea how they may one day be joined. I'm considering a joining party that will feature chocolate and wine...those two substances seem to have motivational affects on my friends.

OMG!! Just LOOK at Hazel!! So Beautiful!