Monday, April 24, 2006

Before I’m gone I would like to have…

…left an impression of kindness on my son.
…helped my partner make his dreams reality.
…honored myself in my decisions.
…gone to Greece.
…pet sting fish on two occasions (puppies of the sea, don’t cha know).
…worked fulltime for a year as a volunteer in a third world country.
…read more than I will have.
…experienced writing a poem that moves people.
…expressed my thankfulness to my loved ones in deed and word.
…been more gentle than not.
…done a back country canoeing and hiking trip that extended a month.
…snorkeled with my dad.

Inspired from this site.

Friday, April 21, 2006

What's This You Say?

A utilitarian cardinal?

At first breath I thought, "How delightful. A cardinal is willing to speak sanely in the face of an opposing vatican." Followed immediately on its' heels was, "What the eff?? This guy gets to gets to make the call??"

Freakin' Catholics. And no, I won't apologize. Catholics are living in the dark ages! Good lord, Jesus does not want you to be an idiot, I promise you that. ...I promise you that.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ubs Peed On the Potty!!


The Rats Are Running From The Sinking Ship

Punks. Rat Finks. Punks.

This administration stinks.

Friday, April 14, 2006

What Type of Person Am I?

Funny you should ask.

The satisfied - The desireless

Not greedy by nature, the Satisfied knows of what they have achieved and earned, and feels content with that. Materialistic impulses happen rarely, if ever, and they don't value possessions and trends nearly as much as most do. The Satisfied usually have a calm personality and tend to be full of care, whether they are open with it or not. Of course they can be selfish, but their selfless nature proceeds that by far.

Downsides are that the Satisfied may be taken advantage of, in the likes of favours per se. It is in their nature to help, and they can be big push-overs when it's about injustice towards themselves. Also, since they don't want to bother their peers and close ones, they keep most of their problems inside. If this builds up they may start to suffer in silence, a completely unnecessary act.

Because they have a hard time to say no, and since people may use them, with time the Satisfied could grow hateful and distrusting. However, it appears now, that they are not. They reckon that some people are bad news and stay away from them. They stay with their own group of trusted people instead. As the Satisfied's name implies, they don't seem to have any dreams or goals. That is a perception not quite true. As any other human being, they do have them. But the difference is, that the Satisfied are content with their life even if the dream would not come true.

Quote: "It is not length of life, but depth of life." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

But enough about me, what type of person are you?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Senator Clinton's Cannibalistic Strategy

Senator Clinton's pragmatic support of Bob Casey in the Pennsylvanian senate race serves as an exemplification of her clear willingness to eat her own in order to gain power in Congress. Democratic power should and can be procured no matter the cost including abandoning the ideals that thread the Democratic Party together, or so it seems according to Senator Clinton.

In one of my many Ethics classes, we were discussing those ridiculous, "if you were at the switch for a runaway train coming straight toward you and that, by pulling the switch you would force the train down an alternative path, killing a convict of whatever sort, what should you do?" dilemma. Arguing the relative value of our selves against that of this "bad" person, the discourse quickly became frustrated. In order to defuse the discussion I asked the professor what she thought of the dilemma. She responded, "I know one thing; there are fates worse than dying."

Senator Clinton, there are fates worse than losing.

Monday, April 10, 2006


"Uproareous" is not a word, never has been, never should be. Of course, can't say "never will be" because this language has an unconscionable drive toward obscuriturizing perfectly acceptable adjectives in hopes of becoming more so of whatever it is. Makes me upfurious.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Apologies for not Blogging.

I've been too busy LIVIN' LARGE!

Happy Birthday to my little Ubs!


Doing the hokey pokey with Dah. "Put your back side in, now put your back side out..."


"Ahhh, the Florida sunshine and a snack. Life is good."


"The airboat and gators are cool too..."


"...but grampy was my favorite thing about Florida. Grampy ! Grampy ! Grampy!"


Finally, this was a blast!