Friday, February 02, 2007

Things I Think About

Sometimes I think about music and Prince comes to mind and I think, why's he got so much funk and talent and why's I got none?

Sometimes, when I'm in the Subway Sub Shoppe, I'm reminded of the time I went there with SK and asked him, "What's the freakin' dealio with all these trains on the walls?"

When I think about things that I should feel badly about, I remember revealing to a party full of people that one of our mutual coworker never washed her hands after using the restroom. That was wrong.

Sometimes I wonder how it is that republicans could be so very wrong and I could be so very right and then I'm reminded that I'm my father's daughter and, whatever the reason, I am indeed, that very right.

When I write my monthly check toward paying off my 30 grand in student loans I wonder whether that degree in philosophy was worth it and I immediately think that it was because otherwise I'd have a degree is some stupid career-minded area of study and would be working in a cube. Then I note for myself that I work in a work station and am relieved.

Sometimes I wonder if it's wrong for me to love Snoop Dogg as much as I do after all, he's behind the evil Girls Gone Wild series and depicts drug use as a good thing. But then I remember that he's so awesome that it couldn't be my fault, even if it is wrong.

Sometimes I think that Diane Sawyer should take a freakin' day off.

I think about how truly stupid it is to wonder whether Barack Obama is "black enough" to be Black. Reminds me of the idiot fights the feminist community continually has about being/failing to be radical enough. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Sometimes I think about when I managed that blues bar in Detroit and I am thankful because I believe that experience allowed me to feel more organically tied to such songs as "You Sexy Mother Fucker", "Brick House" and "Let's Get It On."

Sometimes I think about how my friend SK has a crush on Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) from Grey's Anatomy and I gotta be proud of myself for having chosen him.

Sometimes I think that my friend SK is a babe.

When I think about how I try to live, I think about how truly exhausting it is to live this way.

Sometimes I think that my desire to be fair gets in the way of any assertion of self and, without that, I'll cease to be sooner or later.

When I want a laugh I think of Kings of Comedy when Cedric the Entertainer talked about calling another man Delicious. I also think of the Queens of Comedy when Laura Hayes tore off her wig and said, "OH NO, MUTHA FUCKA, NOT TODAY!"

Sometimes I think that maybe, just maybe, global warming was brought on by people.

When I think of my favorite places in the world, I think about The Rose Garden in Portland Oregon.

Sometimes I think about being the president, but then I think I'd rather be the pope.


Blogger Amy McWeasel said...

You get mad props for starting and ending that post on Prince. Good form!a

4:55 PM  
Anonymous sjdude said...

Sometimes I think about reading really long posts by my friend Libby but then my eyes hurt and fall out onto my desk so I have to stop and put them back.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Aerenchyma said...

AM, you are so rad.

sjdude, understandable...there were two posts in one day...can't blame your eyeballs for hurtin'.

6:22 AM  

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