Monday, January 24, 2005

Disturbing Dream

So last night I went to sleep, worrying a bit about Monday. The new job is making me feel a little off-kilter, a little spinning in the wind, if you will. So, it’s no surprise that I had this dream.

There’s a large yellow-green field with no trees in sight and there are lines and lines of desks, with computers upon, and all of my co-workers diligently working away. I’m standing with Steve and Gus, the guys that I work with, and Steve is saying, “This is no good, what if it rains?” and Gus says, “We need to pack up and get an office with a ceiling at least.” That’s just like those two too. Stephen seems to be the only one that can see the obvious most times and Gus is always asking for the least amount of support to do his job the best he can. I mean, he’s only asks for a ceiling and doesn’t push for walls.

Anyway, it does start raining. That weird rain that comes on a sunny day, the kind that is somewhat tolerable. All of a sudden, someone (with power I suspect) decides that we need to move to a building, so everyone is packed up and goes…except they leave me, my desk, computer and chair in the otherwise empty field.

I visit the office where there is ample space to house me as well so I don’t get why they won’t move me and I go back to the field and start working. I’m working away, totally stressful productivity, and it starts down-pouring. I think, “This is ridiculous, why don’t I get to move to the office?” and I go back to the office and demand some answers.

Turns out, the movers didn’t want to move my desk and what-nots because they found out that I didn’t support the invasion of Iraq. I ask why they just didn’t get different movers and I got a shrug. So I go back to my space in the field with my rain-slicker on.

That’s it. Just as I am in waking life, not very subtle.


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