Friday, January 21, 2005

Thinking About Monday Already Is Tragic

Survived my first hellish week in my new-ish job. Thanking my lucky stars I did. It was a definite possibility that I may not have. True dat.

On to more satisfying/less stressful thoughts.

It’s the weekend and I am overwhelmingly pleased about it. We’re going to do some work on the Hall Street house. Work I’ve been wanting to get done for weeks and that will give me a definite sense of delightful completion with very little actual work. Fabulous.

Directly following we will return the aforementioned Linen N Things items. Then grocery shopping, ending the afternoon cooking and cleaning for the week. Total productive day. Totally awesome. Going to watch a few movies too.

Now Sunday is the most wonderful. Book club. Oh joy. I just hope we’re not snowed out. Then the game. What could be better, I ask you? Clearly, nothing.

Have a nice weekend all. Rest up and face Monday with a wink and the finger because another 40 hours lies in wait for your sorry ass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who woulda thunk that we, the critical thinkers, the joyful philosophers, would become morose TGIF working stiffs?
A sad day for exiled academics....

6:03 AM  

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