Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Aerenchyma and SK Conversation of the Week: The Altruist's Paradox

The following is a discussion held between me and my beloved after reading this little NYT diddy.


-forwards said article to SK-


I don't care that it's unseemly that I'm counting; I am right three times this month.

I will submit to calling an act altruistic if the giver (mainly you) would just drop the campaign for martyrdom and admit that it make her feel good to give.


Of course, it makes me feel good. Never denied that. Just said that my motivation didn’t originate in the feeling good but in the doing good.


Chicken and egg, chickie. Have you learned that doing good makes you feel good and that's the reason you're motivated to do good?


Don’t chickie me, dopey. I have learned nothing of the sort. You assertion of such does not confirm its truthiness.

So I ask you, which one of us is right?


Blogger Mim said...

I'm gonna go with a 50/50 split, half cause it makes you feel good, half because the original impetus is to help others. You're both right! Now send me my check!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous sjdude said...

After reading the article and letting it all sink in. I pondered over the paradox. I then read your comments to each other and there can only be one conclusion.

You are both flippin nuts!

12:52 PM  

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