Thursday, June 07, 2007

100 Things About Me (Items 26-50)

26. I hate murder t.v. and have been trying to refrain from viewing any show that has at its center, murder (eg CSI, Law and Order, Dateline Mystery, City Confidential ect…). This is way harder than you would think.

27. I like quiet a lot.

28. I think that doing nothing in the face of harm being caused another is as culpable as causing the harm.

29. I love Dr. Jack Kevorkian; a practicing visionary rather than a theorizing one. This difference is the one that will get him into heaven.

30. I don't believe in heaven.

31. I'm an atheist but am not contemptuous of those that have faith. I just think you all the tiniest bit weird.

32. I do not intend to become more conservative as I age.

33. I like my hands and feet. They are attractive.

34. I prefer white gold to any other color.

35. I am done having children. I know this because I've been giving clothes away that Troubadour has outgrown. I gave nothing away of Ubs.

36. I am a typical girl and love all things perfumey.

37. I do not wear perfume.

38. I love, love, love gerber daisies. My favorite.

39. I love my doggy.

40. I love mom, dad, Jennifer, Sharon, Darryl, Ubs, Troub and Kevin too. Plus a lot more people, including my Ellen and Sam, but these are the ones on my mind currently.

41. I adore photographs of all sorts.

42. I take healthy teeth as a sign of moral goodness. I know that's wrong.

43. I have a hairy chin that's only getting furrier as time speeds past me.

44. I have a black thumb.

45. I secretly want a Volvo. Only good people drive Volvos in the movies and I want to be good.

46. I do not believe that the Justice System is even remotely just. Not even a smidge.

47. I would love for incarceration to be about rehabilitation rather than retribution.

48. I love frogs.

49. I also love bugs of all sorts including spiders.

50. I dig applied systems; mathematical, logical, you name it. Concrete, cut and dry, organized, answerable, binary, yummy.


Anonymous sjdude said...

Quiet is so good sometimes. There are times when all the kids are in their rooms, Sheral is in our room and I am sitting in front of my beautiful large dlp tv, I turn it off and just enjoy the quite.......aaaaahhhhh quiet is good

12:23 PM  
Blogger sharona said...

I love it when I see my name in your blog. It is the closest I have come to getting published. And you are the sweetest friend...
I wonder if I always knew about the gerber daisies? They are my favorite, too.

9:44 AM  

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