Monday, May 21, 2007

Un. Real.

In the context of this, I read this.

Fucking crazy. Fucking infuriatingly crazy.


Anonymous sjdude said...

Put that house up for sale...pack up the hubby and the cute kids and move to Laurel Springs. I sleep with the windows open and there are never any gun shots.

The sad truth is that it will probably get worse long before it gets better.....get out while you can....get out before one of your kids ends up as one of those poor sweet little kids who are doing nothing but being a kid and end up dead from a "stray" bullet....get out asap, I realy mean it!

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK DAMN IT THATS ENOUGH!! Get the hell out. "Don't give me any crap about not living in fear" You wear a seat belt, exercise, eat healthy (sometimes) and read so that you educate yourself and your children as best as you can. Put that house up for sale and get the hell out!!! I don't lock my doors just in case someone might stop by and need the bathroom while I am gone!

8:20 AM  

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