Friday, June 01, 2007

100 Things About Me (Items 1-25)

A friend of mine wrote a list of 100 Things About Her that I love and visit often. To you I give the first of four installments about me.

  1. I love coffee in the afternoon but can't handle the caffeine.
  2. I drink loads of diet caffeine free Pepsi even though my brother-in-law works for Coke.
  3. I boycotted Coke in the early 90s when they supported apartheid in South Africa and haven't overcome my disgust.
  4. I continue to boycott Domino's Pizza, though I have no idea whether they are still owned by the right-wing anti-choice wacko that was the founder.
  5. I still miss smoking cigarettes, sweet little delicious friends.
  6. I only miss a beer on a warm spring day.
  7. I vote.
  8. I love purple.
  9. I am unforgiving of those that fail to forgive me.
  10. I sport very little guilt.
  11. I straighten better than I clean.
  12. I "detroit" things.
  13. I make up songs all of the time.
  14. I read the newspaper…the actual (non-electronic) newspaper.
  15. I read as much out of duty as out of enjoyment.
  16. I knit poorly, but I knit.
  17. I love a tub with a slanted back.
  18. My favorite magazine is The Week.
  19. I like to eat food that is not good for me.
  20. I have no idea how women cook healthy meals for their families after a day at work.
  21. I enjoy little people and wish I had the same level of curiosity as they have.
  22. I like going to the movies but always pick poorly.
  23. I'd seriously consider doing Prince, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Carl Levin, LL Cool J (because the ladies do love him), that Time columnist that shows up at Stephanopoulos' roundtable from time to time…his initials are F.Z. but I can't recall his name, Christopher Walken, and Daniel Dennett.
  24. I pondered doing, but decided no on; Stephen Colbert, John Stewart, Keith Olbermann, George Stephanopoulos, Milan Kundera, and George Clooney.
  25. I seriously can't stand the evil and shallow John Stossel. His voice grates on me something fierce and when he's on the television I can't refrain from mumbling obscenities under my breath. Prick. Pompous, righteous prick.


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Where's 26-50? Don't leave us hanging!

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