Sunday, July 03, 2005

Well, It Was A Good Run

We officially broke our ideological ride of “no antibiotics for the baby” yesterday. I’m all about Bubber working it out. Struggling through it. Taking the Tylenol, don’t get me wrong, but we’d prefer no antibiotics. We don’t use antibacterial soaps, gels or any other sprays/cleaners. In fact, we’re a filthy family that has befriended germs in their myriad of forms. SK and I firmly believe that over-cleanliness in regards to bacteria is not always a good thing. Further, we do not want our son to take antibiotics unless extraordinary circumstances are present.

Singing a different tune we were, when we found ourselves in the ER yesterday with a baby who had a 104 temp on and off for two days and couldn’t keep Tylenol down over the last two hours. “Where the hell are the antibiotics goddammit??!!” –“My kid is sick!!” Turns out an ear infection constitutes extraordinary circumstances. Who knew?

How'd it go down? If you know anything about SK and my relationship, you’ll know that we balance each other quite well and one of those ways that SK keeps me balanced is by helping me be patient, which is not native to my character. “Hold on hon, they’ll be right back.” “Don’t worry, I think we’re next on the list.” “I’m pretty sure that they’re going to help us any minute.” Yesterday, in the ER, he looked me in the eye, Bubber on his chest and said, “Go get ‘em.” Having released the hounds of hell, I had a suppository in Bubber’s bum before you can say “unsqueeze those butt checks.”

Long story short, the kid’s ear infection is under control and he is resting nicely, pumped up on antibiotics, thanks largely to his father’s willingness to sacrifice strangers to the wrath of a pretty scary mama bear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yikes! I am glad to hear antibiotics were enjoyed and fever is down! scary! -- Mim

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