Thursday, June 23, 2005

No Centralized Topic

Gouda got a short walk this morning because I had to be in on a 9 a.m. call and had to prepare first. He respectfully requested to move to Uncle Kevin’s house, which I firmly refused. I tried to explain the Uncle Kevin is a lot like grandparents and that, if he lived with him, it wouldn’t be all treats and balls. He was not convinced.

Riding in today I read two stories in the Metro worth comment. First, a story about a local police officer that had a heart attack and died while on duty. Apparently, some protestors of the Biotechnology Conference had a scuffle with police and the officer had a heart attack directly following the scuffle.

“The excitement of the scuffle created a cardiac situation where he had a heart attack,” Attorney Lynne Abraham said. She has decided to charge those that participated in the scuffle with two counts of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, conspiracy and disorderly conduct.

“These are the correct charges under all circumstances.”

Okey doke then. Seems fine enough to me.

But wait!

“…police and witnesses said that Williams (the officer) was kicked and punched.” So the guy was beaten?? Well, maybe the charges should be homicide.

But wait!

Autopsy reports “showed that Williams had an enlarged heart” and that “there was no physical evidence, such as bruises, that he was beaten.”

Okey doke then. Cops are lying about what happened to trump up charges to feel better about a tragedy. Hmmmm, but there’s no mention of calling these cops on their lies. Huh. Guess it’s okay to lie about witnessing stuff if you’re a cop.

Good to know. Everyone, please make a note of that.

The second story’s headline says it all: Flag-burning amendment in Congress once again

Helllooooo? Shouldn’t these people be focusing on other issues? Just a thought.

Another tid bit: This worries me.

Finally, I’m on vacation in two weeks and am counting the moments. I’m a very lucky girl.


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