Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Delightful Weekend

Friday afternoon we went to see Bubber’s End of Year Show at daycare where we were sure he was going to dazzle ‘em. Alas, not so much. He was The Crier, needing to be held while the rest of the children were happy and they knew it so they clapped their hands. Ubs, clearly, was not informed of his happiness ratio, pre-stage. Hurumpf.

Mim and her beau visited from PDX (the most green of all places) this weekend as well. It was delightful to meet her sweetie as they shared their plans for the fall. All very wonderful and pleasing. We brunched with Mim’s family at the Double Tree here in Philly. It was nice to catch up with her mum and brothers. All good stuff.

Sunday the five us went to the aquarium where we saw sea horses and sea dragons (thanks A), and seals, all of which are my favorite. Then to the Oregon Diner followed by napping.

The weekend rounded out with a great theatrical experience. The Zellnik’s extraordinary gifts took center stage at the Arden in Olde City. Yank was a beautiful love story, a moment in time, a sweet remembrance of growing up and figuring it out. And the music! Don’t even get me started.

During the performance, Bubber got to hang with the Adams', which always tires him out and makes for a quiet, cuddly baby.

Speaking of tired and cuddly, Gouda returned home from his weekend with KW, instantly demanding kisses and pets. Sweet boy. He's a lucky puppy.

Needless to say, a fabulous weekend was had by all, furry and non-furry alike.

Our next house guests will arrive the last weekend of June and hail from the lovely West Coast as well. I'll never know how we meet so many great people in our thus-far short lives (hey! we're not that old!), but I'm feeling mighty happy about it. Now if only Ubs would clap his hands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And for the record: Elizabeth and SK, best hosts ever. Fabulous weekend in Philly was had by all! Also, just want to reiterate that my brothers are indeed the most talented boys ever. -- Mim

12:50 AM  

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