Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crazy Life

Man howdy this crazy life has been keeping me busy! In all of this madness, I’ve gathered a few anecdotes together to bring you up to date.

The Beach

On Saturday of last week I had it in my mind that my family should drive out to the shore and have some sand-time. We packed up all of our toys, our diaper bag and backpacks. Strapped the little ones in and drove and drove and drove for what seemed hours, okay, was hours. When we arrived on the island we stopped and picked up some lunch for a picnic, drove into the park, unstrapped the little ones, strapped on backpacks and diaper page, grabbed blanket and towels, toys and umbrella, chairs and sunglasses. Schlepped to the beach, laid out blanket, put up umbrella, chairs, got toys out and food…”Surf’s comin’ in”, SK says. We have to move further in-shore or we’re going to be very wet very soon. Move blanket, umbrella, chairs, toys, food, children…settle in. Break out lunch, no less than 10 minutes pass and the evil whistle of the life guards sound in unison. “Everyone pack up! The beach is closing due to pending lightening storms!”

We pack up toys, blankets, towels, food, children, umbrella, strap on backpack and diaper bag, put shoes on and schlep back to the car…throw umbrella, backpacks, blankets, towels and food in the trunk, strap children in. Get in car to silence. Sit for a moment. Ubs pipes, “Mommy! I had fun at the beach!”


Hand-me downs

On Sunday of this week I’m packing up clothes that Bumble has outgrown (and there’s a lot - He’s wearing 9 month clothing and is 4 ½ months old – zoinks!).

“Mommy, what chew doing?”

“I’m packing up clothes that are too tiny for Bumble so that another little boy can use them because we’re done having babies.”

RCA dog, “We’re done having babies?”


“Not even one more?”

“Nope Ubs, we’re done.”

“I want two more but one would be okay.”

“Talk to your father.”

Damn Kids

Last week we were driving around, going somewhere, contributing to global warming for no good reason most likely and a little black car sped by making a lot of racket. Diatribe ala SK ensues. “Damn kids! When we were kids, we used to BUILD cars, we didn’t just get a freakin’ exhaust system and tack it onto the car so that it “sounded” cool. We BUILT them so they’d BE cool.”

…hours pass…temper calms…

Aerenchyma to SK: When have you ever built a car?

SK to Aerenchyma: Shut up.


Anonymous sjdude said...

Yup....kids don't see or understand all that work it takes to take them to the beach, they just see the fun and that is a life lesson when being a parent. That little statement on how much fun he had just makes you smile and remember how amazing it is to be a parent. That little statement makes any hard work so worth it.

To SK...I agree but then again I built several cars in my time. (67 Chevelle, 57 Ford Fairlane, 71 Ford LTD, 66 Nova)You can claim one as your own.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous SK said...

All fine vehicles, but I will be claiming the Nova as my own. Kids these days would benefit from the life lessons of taking the time to sjdude build them a car. Punks.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude - I don't own a car, but am starting the process. I haven't owned a car in 10 years, but I need one. We (James and I) bought a house and now we need to buy a car to buy stuff for the house. I also miss going on long aimless drives, which Oregon is ideal for.


2:34 PM  

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