Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is it the beatiful leaves on the trees?

Or that I can wear a sweater? Could it be that I broke out the hiking boots? Or is it the new television line-up? - Can't wait for The Amazing Race (as for Survivor, that's another post but let me foreshadow only to say, What's the biggie?). I'm even excited about the maddening Lost...

While that's all great stuff...Fabulous, interesting and worthy of getting out of bed stuff, the real deal is this. Oh the graphs, the photos, the pre-election lame-oh letter to the prez about his shady Sec of D-fence! The yummy life-affirming elections are on their way. Make no mistake. Study up. If I have to vote for freakin' Casey and still find this much joy, you can certainly get a little thrill from the season.


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