Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

T'was delightful though if not too darn hot to attend the Phillies game. As it turns out, looks like I missed seeing Alito in the flesh.

From the Phillyist*:

"The fellow who threw out the first pitch in the Phillies' winning game Sunday afternoon was none other than Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Jr. He grew up a Phillies fan in Trenton, NJ and says throwing the ball (while wearing a Phillies jersey with his own name across the back, no less) was a dream come true. We'd like to say having a local fellow on the highest court in the land is a dream come true for us, but...well, we're about to get political, so we'll just stop right there."

Probably for the best as Pops would have been thrown into a constitutional diatribe incorporating short discourses on privacy, the seperation of church and state and big business.

On the down-side, Pops viewed his favorite lose the US Open. What an idiot.

*That Phillyist is so on top of things.


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