Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Truth

The truth is that I haven’t been up to much lately. I have finished Saturday by Ian McEwan and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. Both very good books. You’ll hear more about them in my year end book round-up.

On the table waiting is The Friend Who Got Away. I love the idea of this book. It’s a bunch of essays written by women (some of whom I’ve read before and liked very much) about the loss of friendship, not through death or anything nearly that absolute, but by growing apart, finding irreconcilable differences, and merely not being able tolerate some of the things that made these friends so likable to begin with. Sounds like the loss of a partner doesn’t it?

It can be as traumatic, if not more than, a divorce. The loss of Amy, my childhood friend, will always trump my divorce as the true failure of my life. I will never forgive myself for failing her. I told my sister recently that if there is one thing in life I could fix, it would be to have been a better person to her. On the upside, I learned from it (much more than any learning that sprung from lover relationships) and my current friends, I believe, benefit from it.

The Losers’ Club is also on the table. I’m not in love with the subject matter of this book but read some really amazing reviews of it a while back and purchased it in January, (along with 9 other books) as one of my 2006 reads. That’s one of the main problems with purchasing up-front, first thing of the year; you forget why you even wanted to read some of the books. I’d much rather, at this point, pick up The Myth of You and Me, suggested by SA. She finds a good book. I’d also like to read DeLillo’s White Noise. I’ve been trying to get to him for a very long time indeed. At least I picked up a copy on Sunday, a step in the right direction.

Other than that, I get to go to the Camden Riversharks game on Saturday with 37 of my most favorite people…weeeee! --Mostly folks I used to work with. Miss those trouble-makers!

I also have slated an evening at the theatre with an as-delightful group to see our most favorite JA sing and entertain. SO EXCITED! She’s such a star.

My pops is coming out for Father’s Day again this year. Sis and bro, IN YO FACE! Beat you to the punch! Wooooohooooooo! I win! --We’ll be going to a Sixers game among other events.

And then to Detroit for the 4th of July. –Not long off a’toll.

Sigh. Not bad, this life of mine. Of course, on a macro/political level I have a few complaints like 1. What up with the freakin’ National Guard patrolling the boarder?? and 2. Bob Casey stinkin’ to high heaven. But then again, I kinda have a crush on that Snow character…ahhhhh well….I’ll leave that to another entry.


Blogger jen said...

how can Dad be coming to your house if I am planning a party at his! You better work this out sisssta!
back at ya

12:03 PM  
Blogger Aerenchyma said...

Yeah, don't know what to tell you about that 'ceptin' I've seen the flight reservation. Touche'!

10:42 AM  
Blogger jen said...

princess .... what??

10:23 AM  

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