Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Top Ten Things that Prove Something is Wrong with Me

1. I can’t stand the sight of yellow food on the same plate with red food. Sickening.
2. I make lists compulsively.
3. I do not like watching sports competitions at all. None. Of course, with the notable exception of the Iron contests; Iron Man and Iron Chef.
4. I do not like fantasy books.
5. I do not like sci fi movies.
6. The sound of my child crying does not break my heart.
7. I suspect that there may be a difference between female teachers having sex with their male high school students and male teachers having sex with their female high school students, negating the notion (at least in my mind) of any perceived double standard.
8. I favor quiet over any music.
9. I experience a complete and utter physical repulsion at the mere mention of ethical relativity.
10. I delight in shag carpeting and wish to somehow infuse it into the eclectic design of my cube.

Bonus: I find the word “eclectic” lazy.

*Thanks to my friend Duf for considering himself somehow "wrong" as well and for letting me lift his meme. The former pleases the neurotic side of me and the latter, the lazy.


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