Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Links

Okay, it’s pretty clear that I have nothing to say as of late, so I figured I’d throw some links that I found interesting at cha.

Pandas! Too freakin’ cute for words.

2006 Bloggies. Get your vote on!

Dude, Philly needs these something fierce!

Check out Google’s artwork in honor of Mozart’s. Really cool.

I love me some photos. Here are the best from our own lil hometown paper, the Inky.

Could there be anything better than philosophical games?? Me thinks not!

Bonus question: How sincere does a dog look anyway?


Blogger Duf said...

So I played taboo, and I absolutely loved it. An amazing exercise, and (though I thought I might) I didn't give inconsistent answers. If you have not played that yet, you gotta go, dawg.

1:03 PM  

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