Friday, January 20, 2006

Book Club this Weekend!!

Do you get the distinct sense that I am living for the weekend? If so, that's because I AM! Whatever.

So, in bookie news, in honor of book club, it seems that Oprah has finally selected a book that I can get behind. Okay, okay, I liked The Red Tent but that's the only one! --So Oprah picked Night by Elie Wiesel. I read this book while in high school...I suspect because I was trying to be deep and thoughtful. I believe 'round the same time I was reading Bill Moyer's discussion with Joseph Campbell published under the title The Power of Myth and some crazy eastern philosphy that I don't even remember. What a pompus dork. Anyway, Night was real in a sense that none of the other books that I had ever read at that time were. Night is a key, one of those books that opens, unfolds, reveals, tastes, feels horror that becomes you, not a part of you but you...the you that you were meant to be, the one that feels history that still breaths with sorrow that wasn't assigned to you. The one that has taken in visions of pain that are true and as much who we are as who we should be and who we want to be. Night is poetry in pain. It is a sacred text. It should be read and reread.


Blogger Aerenchyma said...

Metaphyaical Club Readers - I will post on Part 1 of the book this weekend or early next week.

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