Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yeah, I've been super busy but can't point to anything in particular that has kept me so. I'll write a bit here but mostly intend to escape to a book tonight. Speaking of which, I am currently reading this and am enjoying it quite a bit. I picked it up after reading three Anita Shreve's in quick succession. Two of which I would highly recommend. But, alas, you must wait for my 2007 reading round-up before you get the specifics. Fear not, we're already into fall. But a few months and you'll be feasting your eyes on it.

Other stuff:

I feel sorry for Britney and no longer have even a tiny crush on Sarah Silverman.

They cut down a huge tree on my block and Ubs, when noticing, put his hand to his chest, turned slowly to me, looked up and said, "That hurts my heart." Damn right it does. We need to seriously consider such impacts when deciding to do such treachery as butchering trees god dammit. Freakin' south philly tree-haters.

I want to get this book. Again with the books...gotta stop.

I'm decided and voting for Hil. You heard it here first.

I miss my friend poppy.

We get to go the the Poconos this weekend if we want. The evil renters have left.

I'm intentionally not commenting on the date.

SK is hot.

I'm out.


Anonymous sjdude said...

That was a lot of info. I'm a tree killer. I cut down about 15 myself in my yard including the one my wife and I were married under. Trees = leaves in pool and on ground this = work for me.
Work for me is bad....very very bad

7:14 AM  
Blogger Aerenchyma said...

sj,you are so very troublesome for me. Tree killer? T'would have been better had you kept that to yourself. Bad. Man.

6:40 PM  

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