Wednesday, May 04, 2005

On a More Personal Note

(Not really personal, but not so much the political/ethical/newsie banter I usually kick around.)

SK and I were lounging in front of the idiot box (naturally, after BB went to sleep) and Gouda started FREAKING OUT. (Which is saying something because if you know anything about Gouda, you’d know that his general dispositional mode is “freak out.” So when I say FREAKING OUT, I mean that for all that is holy in this world, if the house was a ship we’d have to batten down that hatches!!!) (By the by, I’m feeling very parenthetical today, which is a good indication that my mind is in 12 places at once…very humming bird-esque.)

Anyway, the beast was jumping up and down, from the window, to the door, to the window, to the door, barking the bark of the insane (which is usually okay with us because we believe that he believes that he is keeping us safe and that, after all, is his job as dog and we try to respect that.) But then it didn’t stop in its usual timeframe. He just kept jumping and jumping and barking and jumping—nearly waking Bubber Boo and we just CAN NOT HAVE THAT!

So, long story short, I dragged my lazy self from my chair (it is MY CHAIR regardless of Gouda’s claims on it—I’m not kidding!), poked my head out of the window and low and behold, Gouda’s nemesis sits, poised, with tender white paws, perfect Asian anime eyes , ears with wisps of soft fur growing round, and, finally, gently throbbing juggler, blinking innocently.

“What? Does it bother you that I might wish to sit on your steps, oh Gouda?-Oh one that chases me up trees upon exiting your front door daily? Do you find it disconcerting that I should wish to relax here, where I can be smelled and seen but not gotten?”

And it made me so happy. It made me so, just, darned happy. Oh joyful rebellious kitten, oh underdog of the bullying dog. You sit there pretty one, you claim your space in life and on my steps, you make him nuts while you can, because tomorrow he’ll chase you back up that tree, but today, oh today, the power is yours.

I will forever love that cat.


Blogger Sarcasmo said...

See, now - I feel as though I should side with Gouda in this story - because I *know* Gouda.

But really that cat - awesome. Evil...but awesome.

Poor Gouda.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Aerenchyma said...

See there. I always side with Gouda aganst SK. SK views Goo as HIS nemesis. So, between kitty and Goo, I pick kitty. Maybe it's the underdog thing. Always on the side of the little guy.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous tgwmsu said...

i see a parallel, the dog & the cat, and the owners of the dog. do you think?

8:02 PM  
Blogger Aerenchyma said...


Why you gotta imply SK is like that cat?? That ain't right.

10:47 AM  

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