Thursday, April 07, 2005

The (d)evolution of Dating

Last night I had the pleasure of going out on a date with my two men. Things have changed a bit since SK and I used to go out on dates alone. First we’d go to a fine restaurant, full of candlelight and the quiet murmuring of diners sharing secrets. Then, we’d stroll down the city streets and chat about maybe seeing a film at the Ritz but would conclude we’d rather keep chatting and would end up walking miles by the time we got home.

Now we dine at places like Lone Star, where the vast majority of clientele yell across the table at one another never waiting for a response from the other before barking something else, where crayons get lobbed at brothers’ and sisters’ heads and the light is bright enough to gather toys that have escaped the punishment of their owners, finding safe havens under the tables. Then, rather than strolling down the tree lined streets of Philadelphia, we walk across the parking lot to
Lowes where we ponder the shear magnitude of the impact on our lives that a screen door would bring, and select the most perfect of all water heaters to be installed Saturday.

You, know, after reading this, I’d feel sorry for myself if I hadn’t had such a good time.


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