Friday, March 11, 2005

Adverbs On My Mind

I'm not going to claim that I have the grasp of the English language of, say, Feanor (see Thursday, March 10th, 10:58). But I will say that I spend a large percentage of my working hours managing the language. It is with this level of vested interest that I assert the rightful necessity of adjoining "LY" to the root of adverbs. I further assert that with the advent of LY-dropping, came a devolution of language.

It has been argued, though not convincingLY, that LY-dropping is, in fact, an evolution of language. An emanation, if you will, of an organic progressing. This would be crap. Rather, tis an effect of the laziness of the speaker in the context of a system quickLY crumbling. The result of which ultimately both assails and accosts my ears.


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